Giocattolo, Italian for toy

In 1986, Sports Car enthusiast and previous owner of the Toy Shop performance car dealership, Paul Halstead and Barry Lock, F1 car designer, teamed together to make a remarkable sports car. A car of speed and handling, yet beautiful looks which rivalled names like Porsche and Ferrari. The start was to redesign an Alfa Romeo Sprint, insert a mid-mounted Alfa V6 engine. The Alfa engine then proved to hard and expensive to import and put in the cars, so they went looking for a new engine.

The option they found was the Holden 5.0L Walkinshaw Group A V8 engine. After redesigning the mid engine bay and moving the barrier behind the front seats forward an inch they were able to make it fit. With more 'mumbo' than the Alfa 6 and a much cheaper price tag they decided that the Holden engine was right for what was to become one of Australia's top super ars. After upgrading the engine and fabricating some parts themselves they were happy with the performance output and so the GROUP B tag was given to the car.

Of the 15 cars made all ended up with V8 engines, including the Alfa V6 prototype which was then nearly written off by a Police 4WD. So it was then rebuilt and became production car 001. The body panels were re-done with Kevlar body panels, then came the Brembo brakes and F1 type Suspension components. The right package at the wrong time was how it panned out for Lock and Halstead, when the company closed in 1989.