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The W16 Engine and Transmission is another creation of Halstead and Lock, HAL. It is being built to power the next Generation of Giocattolo Supercars.


The W16 engine is made up of 2 LS7 engines rotated 45 degrees and joined by an alloy engine plate and alloy bridge running between the now horizontal engine mounts.

There is a transfer case that takes the drive from both cranks and outputs a single central drive.

The engine drives an ST6 Billet transaxle containing a six speed sequential gearbox and limited slip diff. The dry sump system, created by Dailey Engineering in Los Angeles, is again all billet and the best we could find worldwide. The pushrod suspension is designed to run a 5 inch ground clearance with a car weight of 3,000 lbs and a 40/60% weight distribution.

The all carbon fibre car, currently under construction, is a 3 seater with the engine/transmission attached to the rear bulkhead.

There are no doors and a sliding canopy similar to a jet fighter is used to enter. The car has a full “ground effects” floor.

We do not have photographs on display as it is our intention to enter the car for the Riddler award.

The purpose of this display is to see if there is interest in HAL Design supplying kits to enable others to build their own W16. HAL Design will supply the Bridge, Alloy Engine plate, the transfer gearbox, the appropriate Bellhousing for front mounting, mid mounting or for power boats and a complete Dailey Engineering Billet dry sump system.

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